Fox 4 Love Fund for Children

The Love Fund for Children is a safety net organization for children 18 years and younger in the KC metro area and surrounding counties. We work with Case workers, therapists, teachers, doctors, and social workers to identify children who have needs that are not currently being met by existing resources. These needs can include everything from clothing, shoes, a bed, bedding, medical equipment not covered by insurance, and therapeutic camps.

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Event Volunteer Skills

Website Development

Event Goals

New Website
The current website technology is out of date and will not be supported by many hosting providers by the end of next year. It is also very extensive and hard to update the website content, making it time consuming to keep the website up to date with fresh and relevant content.

Brand Standards
The organization is in need of a brand book and/or brand guidelines including logo usage, colors, fonts, copy and tone of voice and much more to help achieve a consistent and clear image.

Marketing Plan
A well-defined marketing strategy or plan for the multiple social media platforms and email newsletters for the organization to use in 2019 and beyond.