Latinx Education Collaborative

The LEC works to increase Latinx representation in the field of K-12 education. The LEC believes that representation is a key element in creating successful outcomes for all students. Data show that when students are exposed to a diverse teaching staff, educational outcomes improve. Roughly 25% of incoming kindergartners across the country identify as Latinx. Only 8% of educators do. The LEC wants to close that gap.

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Event Volunteer Skills

Website Development
Software Development
Coding / Database

Event Goals

New Software Application
A membership portal that will allow for the LEC to create a community with the ability for members to create posts, comment on posts, share assets (videos, images, documents, etc.), and the ability for the LEC to share their own content/assets. Will need integration for login and signup to the existing Wordpress website. The foundation of this membership portal will need to be designed to be as future-proof as possible with the knowledge that there will be enhancements and feature additions as the organization grows.